Царская приправа – специи, пряности и приправы

Our company offers a wide range of packaged seasonings and spices for every taste.

All products undergo mandatory certification and meet modern quality standards.

For us, spices are not just a business item, we strive to create a culture of the proper use of each individual seasoning. Even a pinch of coriander or cumin can unrecognizably change the dish - make it unforgettable or interrupt the taste. We publish recipes that help to fully reveal the taste of each dish using seasonings, herbs and spices. We leave a detailed description of each product on the pages of our site.

We manufacture and pack our products on modern automated equipment, therefore we are responsible for the quality of each individual bag with our spices. To preserve all the tastes and useful properties of spices, they are processed at the optimum temperature, preserving the essential oils.

Benefits of our herbs, seasonings and spices:

- excellent quality at an attractive price;
- packing on modern equipment that allows you to keep seasonings and spices as fresh and of high quality;
- A wide range that is constantly updated;
- individual packaging that attracts attention on any shelf!

We sell our spices large and small wholesale. Our flexible terms of cooperation will be beneficial both to large networks and distributors, as well as to small regional representatives.

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