Ceylon Cinnamon


In the 16th century, Portuguese conquerors discovered Ceylon cinnamon in Sri Lanka and introduced this spice to European countries in the 16th and 17th centuries. Ceylon cinnamon,, is extracted from cinnamon Ceylon tree, a wild-growing tree that can reach 10 m in height and grows wild in the forests of Ceylon and South India. This spice is made from a thin inner layer of bark cut from three-year-old shoots.
Real Ceylon cinnamon is very fragrant and has high taste, and therefore everyone who has tried it at least once will never forget what kind of spice it should be.


Cinnamon Ceylon Sticks

Use for

Use for the preparation of all types of pastries and desserts, fruits, hot drinks and spicy dishes of oriental cuisine.

Nutrition value on 100 gr.

Proteins (g / 100g)… 4,0
Fats (g / 100g)… 3,0
Carbohydrates (g / 100g)… 28
Energy value (kcal / 100g)… 160

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