Dried garlic
Garlic Sea Salt
Sea salt
French herbs
Italian herbs
Salad dressing
Seasoning for fish dishes
Zira (Seeds of Cumin)
Chili Pepper (Hot)
Seasoning «4 Peppers»
Black pepper peas

We encounter spices, seasonings and spices in the kitchen every day, but what is the best way to store and use them?

Real connoisseurs of spices use mills to produce a freshly ground product. Modern mills are convenient: they are built into the lids. It is no secret that this simple, high-quality and functional packaging allows seasonings to preserve their aromatic and useful properties for a long time.

A good mill for spices can make from coarse to fine grinding and will last for many months. Also, this sealed package is characterized by excellent ergonomic qualities, and due to its design, it can even become an interior decoration. By purchasing high-quality spice mills from the company «Tsarskaya seasoning» you ensure the correct and long-term storage and use of spices in your kitchen!