Dried herbs

Dried peppermint
Bay leaf
Caucasian herbs
Seasoning «Provencal herbs»
Dried rosemary
Basil (dried herbs)
Parsley (dried herbs)
Dill (dried herbs)

Any dried herbs are indispensable in winter and summer. This is convenient — it is always at hand and it does not need to be washed. It is added to flour, confectionery and bakery products, sauces and syrups. In dried, as well as fresh greens, there are essential oils, glycosides, alkaloids, acids, flavonoids, tannins, dyes, minerals and other useful substances.

Such well-known mixtures as Provencal or Caucasian herbs contribute to a better perception and assimilation of meat dishes. And without a bay leaf, basil and rosemary, not a single dish of Mediterranean and Eastern cuisine are prepared.

We are pleased to offer you a large selection of dried aromatic herbs. We will be happy to advise you on the best way to combine herbs in culinary affairs, and we will also help you make the right and profitable purchase of spices, dried vegetables and herbs in bulk, weight and retail. Feel the special taste and aroma of our spices and their tremendous healing power!