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Seasoning is a tasty and healthy mixture of spices, sometimes with the addition of salt. Even in ancient times, spice mixtures were used in cooking even more often than individual spices.

Seasoning is an indispensable component of modern recipes. It provides an opportunity to diversify the taste and enhance the aroma of everyday food. Many seasonings, such as sausage seasonings, barbecue seasonings or Georgian Khmeli-Suneli are widely known and popular throughout Russia since the tsarist times.

Seasoning has a rich aroma and a whole bunch of skillfully selected taste notes because we order only high-quality mixes from trusted suppliers. A wide selection of seasonings of our company will pleasantly surprise any gourmet. There is the possibility of wholesale purchase of a set of seasonings, by weight or retail. And the original packaging options — cans, mills and other containers for spices and seasonings will help make a real gift for all lovers of culinary masterpieces.