Anise seeds
Star anise
Ground cardamom
Whole cardamom
Dried garlic
Coriander grain
Whole cloves
Cumin seeds (zira)
Ground turmeric
Mustard seeds

Spices are a whole science and an integral part of the cuisine of different nations. People began to use spices in antiquity, in such countries of the East as India and China. Fragrant seeds, leaves, roots, fruits and flowers of plants were ground into powder for ease of use.

Each spice is unique in nature. Most spices concurrently have antibacterial, cleansing and even anti-aging properties. Properly selected spices can give the dish a special aroma, emphasize its best taste and activate the natural strength of the body.

In today’s world, people buy packaged spices or sets of spices for convenience. By purchasing spices from us, you can always get not only qualified advice, but also learn about their proper use in cooking and additional properties. We work directly with manufacturers of spices, so our low prices will pleasantly surprise you!