Cinnamon sticks


Cinnamon is a very ancient spice, mentioned in the Bible. In ancient times, it was valued on a par with gold and had the status of cash. In ancient Rome they burned her to appease the gods. As a spice, it goes well with other sharp and tart spices. In our kitchen, cinnamon can be used in all dishes where sugar is consumed. These are mainly fruit soups, casseroles, compotes, jelly, puddings, fruit rolls, pies, especially with fruit filling, baked apples, milk drinks, liquors, grog, punch, mulled wine and sweets of almost all kinds.

Country of origin


Use for

For all types of pastries and desserts, fruits, hot drinks and spicy dishes of oriental cuisine.


Sweet, burning

Nutrition value on 100 gr.

Proteins (g / 100g)… 4,0
Fats (g / 100g)… 3,0
Carbohydrates (g / 100g)… 28
Energy value (kcal / 100g)… 160

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