Dried garlic


Garlic is known and loved for its burning taste and strong smell by cooks from all over the world. In cooking, the ground and underground parts of garlic are used both in fresh and dried form for addition to salads, first and second courses, marinades and pickles. Almost any dish is seasoned with this spice, with the exception of desserts. Garlic does not go well with fish, but is magnificent with seafood and is especially bright in its smell and taste in harmony with lamb.


Dried garlic

Use for

Use for the preparation of salads, appetizers, soups, second lunch dishes.

Nutrition value on 100 gr.

Proteins (g / 100g)… 67,4
Fats (g / 100g)… 0,13
Carbohydrates (g / 100g)… 5,33
Energy value (kcal / 100g)… 327

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