Uzbek pilaf seasoning


The birth of pilaf is associated with the name of Tamerlane. Concerned about the decline in the strength of his warriors, he turned for help to a mullah, who suggested a way to cope with hunger in the army: “We need to take a large cast-iron cauldron. Put in it the meat of lamb, selected rice, swelling with pride, young carrots, reddening with joy, and a sharp onion stinging like a sword of the venerable emir. All this is cooked at the stake until the cook falls into exhaustion, because he will try the divine food. ” Pilaf saved the army of Tamerlane and became the main food of the inhabitants of Central Asia. Today, this dish adorns both the festive and everyday dastarkhan (table).

Use for

Use seasoning for cooking pilaf, rice dishes and meat cooked at home: in a cauldron, in the oven and in the microwave


The classic combination of spices for cooking traditional Uzbek dishes.


Sea ​​food salt, dried barberry, zira, coriander, crushed black pepper, ground chili pepper.

Nutrition value on 100 gr.

Proteins (g / 100g)… 5,5
Fats (g / 100g)… 6,5
Carbohydrates (g / 100g)… 27,0
Energy value (kcal / 100g)… 190

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