White Peppercorns


White and black pepper are the fruits of one plant. Unlike black, white pepper is a fully ripened fruit freed from the pericarp. Their aromas also differ: in white it is strong, complex, with a predominance of wood tones, with hints of musk and ambergris. Recommendations for use: it is preferable to use white pepper with fish, seafood, it also perfectly complements vegetables dishes.

Use for

Sauces, soups, meat and fish dishes, game dishes, seafood, cheeses


Fragrant-sharp, delicately spicy.

Nutrition value on 100 gr.

Proteins (g / 100g)… 10
Fats (g / 100g)… 2,0
Carbohydrates (g / 100g)… 42
Energy value (kcal / 100g)… 230


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